Saturday, January 28, 2017

Welcome to the "Thrifty Spenders' Club"

I am thrifty, but not stingy. I judged that beyond a certain point, my brain cells allocated to the treasury are better spent on figuring out how to make more money rather than to figure out how to save even less. But when I spend money, I strive to capture the most value per the time and effort spent. 

One of the first advise someone gave me when I first visited the US was to try not to buy anything that is not on a deal. According to him, Americans loved deals and businesses would race to quickly fill that appetite.

I sieve through the internet for ideas to save money spent on regular household chores. I have realized that it's not trivial to brave numerous concealed ads cloaked like "information" and "advise". I often need to discuss inferences with friends and colleagues to ensure that I have zoomed in all the relevant fine-print

Perhaps many will benefit if I share what I learn. I intend to consolidate my learning into a blog that I hope will be an unbiased source of advise on being smarter at spending money.

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